private security

Private security Guard services are the need of the day. You can have private security guard services right away by calling at Metro Guard Services. No matter, whatever, you need are we will tailor our guard services according to your needs.

Metro Guard is the Edmonton and Calgary based security company and successfully expanding its services throughout Canada. Metro Guard provides VIP bodyguard services, close protection and all kinds of security guard services. If you are a victim of crime or you feel unsafe or Insecure, family confrontation, neighborhood problems, noise pollution, marriage ceremony and any other problem you have. We will be glad to serve you better and prompt, just a call away and Metro Guard can resolve or find out best possible solution for you.

We can evaluate and assess your risk and provide you’re a cost-effective plan to have an affordable security guard right away. Metro Guard can tell you how many guards do you need and how long you need these services according to your specific needs. Metro Guard believes in Trust, Protection & Peace. You are just a call away and will be in safe hands.