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Pipeline Monitoring

To overcome the wellhead site thefts, Metro Guard Service provides pipeline monitoring services round-the-clock. With the rise in trespassing, it is now more important than ever before to provide security and monitoring guard services such as pipelines and other site perimeters.

In order to safeguard your oil and gas sites, Metro Guard Service focuses on cost-effective security for the detection of leaks and the monitoring of remote assets. It recruits experienced guards to your site that are coupled with technology-integrated standard telecommunications like fiber optic cable to preserve your remote assets and camps.

Metro Guard Pipeline Monitoring Services

Metro Guard Service holds accountability and carries out a proper audit of their security services. It understands all the security issues of isolated areas and offers specialized monitoring solutions for wellheads and lay down areas of your site.

Metro Guard Pipeline Monitoring Service for the Oil and Gas Industry includes the following:

  • Highly equipped monitoring guards to handle all kinds of emergency circumstances with years of experience in oil and gas spring site protection
  • Make sure that all the safe practices like first aid and medical services in campsites are followed which is critical for both parties and report any incident in a timely manner can be the savior
  • Maintain patrolling for visible presence in the site to respond to emergencies and violations
  • Strict fire watch patrol for extensive surveillance of hot work areas
  • Self-sustaining solar-powered mobile for remote location and to detect and classify the threats 
Mobile Patrol