Construction Security

Metro Guard Security is one of the leading security companies in Alberta. It supersedes when it comes to construction site security and provide highly trained and experienced and uniformed security guards. Metro Guard provides full risk assessments and evaluation of your construction site security and come with the best possible security solution. Our security services are tailored to your construction site and really suitable for all kinds of buildings.
Construction site security is on high demand nowadays since all construction requires multiple companies and involved huge budget and high risk. The use of highly expensive equipment. therefore, security is the indispensable part of that construction pyramid. Insurances always recommend to have security onsite in order to avoid any mishap or unexpected incident. As we know theft of tools, cutting copper wires, fire, vandalism, trespassing, water leakages and fire hazards are very common problems in construction sector. Although, security’s contribution seems to be very less but very instrumental and highly important.